Valentin Vasiliu - Baritone

Baritone Valentin Vasiliu is known for his beautiful dramatic voice and imposing stage presence as well as his outstanding musicianship. His distinctive performances continue to develop his versatility, establishing him equally in opera and concert repertoire from traditional to modern. His rich, resonant voice, and well-shaped phrasing are the commanding instruments that recommend him for performing with the important opera houses and major concert stages. Valentin Vasiliu has garnered praise from critics and audiences alike.

Selected Reviews:

"Bass-baritone Valentin Vasiliu possessed a golden voice..."

-The Washington Post, by Bob Waters

“In the first act, the bass-baritone Valentin Vasiliu, combined his commanding voice and imposing stage presence to create a figure who really fit the part of the murderous Pizarro.”

-The Chattanoogan, by Eva Holder

“On the other hand, listening to Vasiliu's Gerard was pure joy. He sang with great tonal dimension and sculpted with distinction the role of the servant/French Revolutionary hero hopelessly in love with Maddalena.”

-The Greenville News

"Valentin Vasiliu possesses the kind of plush, rolling bass that's just right for the Mephistophelean nemeses who destroy Hoffmann's women."

-The Washington Post, by Joe Banno

"And lastly, there is the wonderfully lecherous and evil Baron Scarpia, sung by Valentin Vasiliu. Mr. Vasiliu was the quintessential bad guy, and he played and sang the part with great vigor and obvious delight as he imposed himself on those around him and sang delightfully of how he took no pleasure in love, but did enjoy the conquest of others. We believed him. Scarpia is a major figure in this opera, and Vasiliu proved up to the part with fine singing and acting and commanding stage presence the part requires. I can think of a couple Verdi roles that would fit his demeanor and voice just perfectly- and if I can, others will no doubt will, too. Fine job! ", by Paul Joseph Walkovski